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Life @Convista

Ravi Kasi

Rahul Mittal,

Associate Partner, 7 Years

ConVista is without a doubt one of the "Best Places to Work." I like the company not only because of its rewards and prospects but also for its open-minded approach for its employees, even if there are disagreements, the company understands its employee’s perspectives. The culture of having participation of employees, while making important business decision has made me fall for company. This clearly represents company’s business ethics. Support from all management members, along with the freedom to clearly represent one’s own perspective is one of the best things, company have.

Ravi Kasi

Aashish Garg

Working as FS-CD Solution Architect, Having 17 years of SAP experience, 7 years with ConVista.

I like ConVista because of its transparency philosophy. Employees are timely informed about strategic changes in the company. It helps them to decide their future plan and growth. They can plan to enhance their skills aligned with company needs. Employees are very supportive. They are readily available to support each other, without engaging in peer pressure. They are very much competent in their skill level. Everyone works in their well-defined boundaries and roles assigned to them. That creates a positive environment for others to showcase skills that help in uplift of both individuals and company. It is an employee friendly organization. At ConVista employees are its assets, they always come first.

Ravi Kasi

Ashutosh Kumar Jha

Working as Sr. Consultant, 7 years with ConVista.

ConVista is without a doubt one of the "Best Places to Work." I started as a recent engineering graduate and have worked for this company for over 6 years. It stands apart from other consulting firms in the market because of its supportive management, numerous learning chances, and real awards and recognition. Working with people from various backgrounds and solutions has improved my technical, interpersonal, and overall professional abilities.