Privacy policy

Responsible body

The protection of your personal data is important to us. Our address is:


Brigade IRV Centre, Unit-301, 3rd Floor, Nallurhalli, Whitefield
560066 Bengaluru, India

Data protection officer

You can contact our data protection officer at the address above and at

Processing of your data

The following section provides information on how we process your personal data (hereinafter also referred to as "your data").

Access data

Your details

Every time you access a page from our website and every time you call up a file or send a form, your browser sends certain data to our server as part of its request. This data is used by the server, on an ad hoc basis, to provide the requested content and is stored in log files with server-side information about the (non-) fulfilment of the request.

The following data is processed in order to provide the requested content:

  • Time (date and time) of the request
  • URL of the requested content
  • IP address
  • Amount of data transmitted

The above information is saved in a log file with:

  • Access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)

Without the provision of this data, the use of the website is not possible.

Purposes of processing

The data are

  • processed on an ad hoc basis to enable the use of the website, i.e. to provide  requested content, and
  • stored in log files to allow:
  • the website to operate, e.g. to detect and correct access errors, and
  • to ensure the security of our IT systems, i.e. to be able to recognize security-relevant access and take countermeasures if necessary.

Data is not passed to third parties, either for commercial or for non-commercial purposes.

Storage period

After seven days, at the latest, the log files are deleted or anonymized. Insofar as there is a suspicion of a security breach, relevant data will be retained for the duration of the prosecution of the potential attack and, if necessary, countermeasures will be taken, particularly where a legal claim is enforced.

Input options

Your details

Within the framework of website, there is the option to enter personal or business data (e.g. e-mail address, name and/or address) in order to be able to use the services described (e.g. to request a callback).

The data transmitted in this way is stored for the purpose of providing the service described (e.g. on an e-mail server for sending requested material).

The provision of the data is voluntary. Depending on the service, however, certain data may be necessary to enable us to provide the service. This data is then marked accordingly.

Purposes of processing

The data is, without exception, used only to provide you with the service described in each case.

Storage period

The data will be deleted or anonymized, at the latest, when you no longer require the service described in each case, provided that there are no legal retention obligations to the contrary and/or we process your data lawfully for other purposes.


Your details

If you submit an application to our company, we will process the information we receive from you during the application process.

As a rule, this information includes your contact details, other information provided in your letter of application and CV, as well as certificates and other evidence of your qualifications and professional experience.

The provision of your data is voluntary. However, in order to be able to consider your application and assess your suitability for the position in question, we require in all cases your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, as well as an appropriate letter of application and your curriculum vitae, and, if applicable, evidence of the information provided, in particular references to your qualifications, work experience, and certifications.

We will only assess you according to your suitability for the position in question; you do not need to send us a photograph.

Purposes of processing

Your data will be processed, exclusively, for the purpose of carrying out the application procedure.

Storage period

If we are currently unable to offer you employment, we will delete or anonymize your data no later than six months after the end of the application process.

If you receive cost reimbursements or other tax-relevant transactions, the relevant accounting documents will also be retained, to fulfil the relevant retention obligations.

Recipient of your data

At ConVista, only the human resources department, the responsible employees of the department of the vacant position and, if required, members of the management and/or the board of directors have access to your data. In case of cost reimbursements, the accounting department will also have access to your data.

In order to manage your data efficiently, we use the recruiting tool " of ConVista Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru, India.

In certain cases, we must disclose your personal data to third parties, for example to our bank, if you receive a reimbursement of costs or to the post office, if we communicate with you by letter.

Subscribe to job advertisement

Your details

If you wish, we will inform you by e-mail about interesting job offers from us.

To do so, we need your title, first name, surname and e-mail address as well as information on the subject areas that interest you.

Purposes of processing

Your data will only be processed for the purposes of sending you information by e-mail about our job advertisements that may be of interest to you.

Revocation of your consent

You can revoke your given consent at any time in text form (e.g. by e-mail to We will not process your data any further after the revocation.

Storage period

We will delete your data if you revoke your consent.


Your details

When you register for or purchase tickets for an event on our website, we collect certain information to enable you to attend the event. These are usually: title, first name, last name, company affiliation, position, business address, business email address, payment details.

The provision of the data is voluntary. However, depending on the event, certain data may be necessary to enable your participation in the event. We will then mark this data accordingly.

Purpose of processing

The data is processed in order to prepare, follow up and carry out the respective event and to enable your participation, i.e. generally to

  • to plan the event,
  • to settle the participation fee,
  • to control your access authorization,
  • to display name badges,
  • to provide you with the services you have booked (such as a presentation stand) and
  • to be able to provide information material before and after the event.

If you agree to this separately, we will keep a list of participants accessible to all participants, stating your title, first name, surname, company affiliation and position.

We also process your data to inform you about other events and other similar goods and services (see also the section "Business contacts").

Objection / Revocation

You can object to the use of your data for advertising purposes at any time with effect for the future.

You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future.

You are welcome to inform us of your objection or revocation by e-mail to

Storage period

Your data will be stored for the purpose of the event for up to six months after the end of the event. Billing data (invoice, etc.) will be stored in accordance with the statutory storage obligations.

Your data will also be stored for the purposes of direct advertising. If you object to this, your data will be deleted or anonymized.

Recipient of the data

If we use such a tool and you do not wish to use it, you can contact us by e-mail at

Business contacts

Your details

If you provide us with your business contact data (e.g. first name, last name, company, position, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers) in the context of a business contact or if you provide this data in the context of corresponding forms on our websites, we will store this data in our global CRM system, indicating your presumed areas of professional interest.

The provision of your data is generally voluntary. In some cases, however, the provision of your personal data constitutes consideration for a service to be provided by us free of charge (e.g. for the provision of a white paper).

Purposes of processing

We and the other companies of the ConVista Group (see Recipients) use your contact data,

  • for the fulfillment of contracts with you or your employer, e.g. in the context of the implementation of an IT project,
  • upon your request for pre-contractual measures, e.g. for sending requested information about our range of services or an offer,
  • for direct advertising of our own goods or services that are similar to the goods or services that you or your employer have requested or that we have provided to you or your employer. For example, by sending you specialist information on current topics, interesting service offers or offers for individual advice on your current professional and technical challenges,
  • insofar as you have given us permission to process your contact data (e.g. for the Business Partner Program).

The CRM system is also operated by ConVista Consulting India Pvt. Ltd for the other companies of the ConVista Group. These companies have access to your data and may process it for the purposes described above.

Objection / revocation of your consent

You can object to the use of your data for the aforementioned purposes at any time with future effect or revoke the consent you have given for this purpose.

Please send us your objections or revocation by e-mail to

Storage period

The data will be deleted or anonymized at the latest if, and to the extent that, you have objected to the use of your data or revoked the consent you have given, unless storage obligations apply and/or we process your data for other lawful purposes.


Your details

Cookies are small text files that are sent from our server to your computer and stored on your computer. They contain information that can be read by our server and enhanced with additional information during the current and future visits to the website.

We use the following cookies on various pages of our website:

Session cookie

When you visit the website, a so-called session cookie is stored on your computer. This contains a sequence of numbers, assigned to the cookie, which enables the settings you have selected on the website to be stored on the server for the duration of your browser session. This enables you, for example, to receive all (sub) pages of the website in the language version you have chosen without having to select the language again for each of these pages.

Persistent cookie

So you do not see our banner reference about the use of cookies, once you have closed the banner and are working within the website itself, a cookie containing the required information is stored, when the banner is closed.

Google Analytics

Please cross-reference this privacy policy information regarding the setting of cookies with the section about our analytics tool Google Analytics.

There is also the option of using our website without enabling cookies. In your browser’s settings, you can determine whether you wish to accept the cookie settings.  In their default settings, most browsers automatically accept them. Should you wish to prevent the setting of cookies, you can do so by changing your browser’s settings by clicking, for example, "Do not accept cookies" or similar. These settings can often be found under a menu item "Privacy" or similar. In this case, we would like to point out that you may not be able to use all functions of our internet pages to their full extent.

Purposes of processing

We use cookies to make visiting our website appealing and simple, and to enable you to use certain functionality, e.g. the ability to select the language once and for this setting to be applied when you visit our website.

Storage period

Session cookie

The session cookie, and data assigned to the server, are deleted once the browser session has ended.

Persistent cookie

This cookie remains on your computer until the expiry of the set expiry period, unless you delete it. This period is 365 days.

Google Analytics

Please cross-reference this privacy policy information regarding the setting of cookies with the section about our analytics tool Google Analytics.

Storage period

Data gathered from the one-off visit is deleted after 12 months.


If you are not in agreement with evaluation of the data about your visit to the website, you can object. Once an objection has been raised, a cookie will be set on your computer. Please remember that if this or all cookies stored on your computer are then deleted, you would need declare a new objection if you still wish to object.

Google Analytics

Your details

Within the website’s framework, visitor access is evaluated using Google Analytics, a website analysis tool from Google, so that we can continuously improve our website.

The following information, in particular, is collected:

  • IP address
  • (sub)pages called up
  • Your behaviour whilst using the website (for example clicks, scrolling behaviour and dwell time)
  • Your approximate location (country and city)
  • Technical information such as browser, internet provider, end device and screen resolution
  • Source of your visit (i.e. via which website or advertising medium you came to us)

You can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting your browser software accordingly, as described under "Cookies".

Your IP address is recorded to ensure the security of the analysis service and to provide us with information about the country, region or city from which you are accessing the site. However, your IP address is shortened in the course of the collection even before storage and thus your data is pseudonymized.

Purposes of processing

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of our website and to further optimize and develop the website and maintain its user-friendliness. In also helps to ensure the presentation of our website and our range of services are optimized.

Storage period

Data from a one-off visit is deleted after 14 months.