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Insurers now broadly understand that implementing IFRS 17 regulatory changes are challenging and have deep operational implications. Some of them are trying to approach this challenge by means of a tactical solution with the perception that it is an easier and cost-effective way to address a complex requirement. In the long run, this approach will not be sustainable and the anticipated benefits will not be achieved. Some insurers in the front line of this change have already learned during the early stage of their journey and changed the course to implement an innovative and futuristic solution.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate ways to pre-empt the challenges that organizations are facing in their sophisticated projects.

IFRS17: Perspectives on implementation:

  • Introduction
  • IFRS17 Impact On clients
  • IFRS17 Implementation Path
  • Recorded System Demo
  • Q&A

An exclusive live webinar

23-December-2020 | 04:00 PM Singapore Time